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ZERO OFFSET Link Pin 5x205mm Disc Brake Kit, '65 & Earlier

ZERO OFFSET Link Pin 5x205mm Disc Brake Kit, '65 & Earlier


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This disc brake is an awesome upgrade to any VW. The stopping power and reliability is unbeatable. This kit is "ZERO OFFSET", meaning it does not move your wheels out further. You can still get those cool wheels inside your wheelwells.  This kit fits all link pin front ends on Bugs & Ghias and is super strong.  We've even used them on our own personal off-road cars that take a real beating.  This kit does NOT fit drop spindles, so stock spindles are required. If you already have drop spindles, you'll need to change the spindles back to stock, or order a "Drop Spindle Disc Brake Kit".  This kit comes with a new single circuit master cylinder.  Compatible with later model dual master cylinders

We'd be happy to press the wheel bearing races in for an addtional charge before we ship your kit.