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Wilwood Brakes w/ 2-1/2" Drop Spindles, Porsche/Chev, BJ Red

Wilwood Brakes w/ 2-1/2" Drop Spindles, Porsche/Chev, BJ Red


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This is a top-notch Wilwood disc brake kit.  It features two-piston Wilwood disc brake calipers, Wilwood disc brake pads for superior stopping power.  The drilled and slotted rotors offer superior cooling for the most demanding of applications.  Quality SKF wheel bearings are included, as well as wheel seals to complete the installation.

This disc brake conversion kit fits 1966 & Later Type 1 and it will drop your front end 2-1/2" so you can get those cool wheels inside your wheelwells.  The kit will widen the front stance approximately 5/16" on each side.  By installing drop spindles, rather than an adjustable beam or removing leaves, your car will handle much nicer, having a much softer ride, rather than the super bumpy ride and broken shock mounts of adjusters or removed leaves.  Kit includes rotors, calipers, drop spindles, wheel bearings, seals, mounting hardware and brake lines. We recommend using a press to install the wheel bearings in the rotors.  If you do not have access to a press, we can install them before we ship.