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Valvoline VR-1 Motor Oil with ZDDP, 20W50

Valvoline VR-1 Motor Oil with ZDDP, 20W50


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Many years ago, oil manufacturers removed the necessary ZDDP (zinc-phosphorus additive) from motor oils that VW engines need to protect their internals, such as camshafts and lifters.  These older engine designs to not hold up as long using the later "smog friendly" oils that are required for later model cars.  This is true for stock VW engines and even more important for performance modified ones.  Therefore, we suggest using a motor oil that has high levels of ZDDP, such as this one, or using a zinc additive instead.  For recommendations regarding weight, we generally prefer 10W30 in newer engines with tight bearing tolerances, or 20W50 for engines that are older and have more wear.  If too heavy an oil is used, it can cause the engine to run hotter, as the oil bypasses the oil cooler until it is hotter than with a thinner one.

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