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SACO Alternator POWER PULLEY, Lightened, Billet Aluminum

SACO Alternator POWER PULLEY, Lightened, Billet Aluminum


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This is a TOTALLY unique pulley.  We know of nothing else like this in the industry.  It is primarily used by dual-purpose VW enthusiasts, like street/strip racers, baja buggers, etc, who want the most power from their engine when they need it, yet the ability to provide ample cooling at other times.  It's much easier to swap alternator pulleys than it is to swap crank pulleys when you get to the track, to the dirt, race your buddy, or have more power for cruise night.  Some even use it in combination with a power crankshaft pulley for short period drag racing applications where maximum HP is desired with the benefit of some cooling capability.

This alternator (or generator) pulley is actually larger than stock. Therefore, when installed with a stock diameter crankshaft pulley, it slows down the fan speed, thus generating more horsepower due to less drag on the engine.  It also helps prevent cooling fans from coming apart during high rev's, hard launches, and rock crawling.  The drawback, like a standard power pulley, is that it does slow down the fan speed, so less cooling air is delivered to the engine.

Comes with special shims (5) to adjust belt tension, and a special pulley nut and washer.

Requires a larger than stock pulley belt.