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Sachs Complete Clutch Kit, Type 1 Engine- '70 & earlier 200mm

Sachs Complete Clutch Kit, Type 1 Engine- '70 & earlier 200mm


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From bone-stock, up to about 100HP, this clutch combination is about the best there is.  It will be the longest lasting, softest and smoothest operating, and best performing clutch we can recommend.  We've even drag raced these clutches on small motors with nothing short of excellent results.  Despite the most grueling of conditions, for a small motor these perform very well.  We recommend using "Super Clips" instead of the stock throwout bearing retainer clips.

Kit includes, pressure plate, clutch disc, throwout bearing, and alignment tool.

NOTE:  This fits all "early" 12V cars.  If your early car has been converted to 12V and is a 1600 or larger, this should be the clutch for you, as it will have the 200mm flywheel already.  If it still has the old 180mm 6V flywheel, you'll need a different model.  Email or call and we'll be glad to help.