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Replacement IRS Axle with CV's, VW Thing (or T-1 Upgrade)

Replacement IRS Axle with CV's, VW Thing (or T-1 Upgrade)


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Are you thinking about replacing the CV joints and replacing the boots on your VW?  If so, you know this is a super messy job, and it's likely that you'll need to replace at least some of the 40-something year old CV joints when you do.  If you want to take the hassle and mess out of the job, and you want the peace of mind knowing that you are installing all new CV joints, simply replace the axles with new ones.  These come completely assembled and are a great quality product.

Thing axles slip right into a bug, and are commonly used to beef up the rear end for high performance engines and off road cars.  They use the larger (and stronger) 100mm diameter CV joints that are used on Buses, and are good to 17 degrees of articulation.  The stock bug ones are good up to 12 degrees without limiting life.  We have field tested these particular axles and found them to hold up to 22 degrees in our off road cars!  In order to install in your Type 1 IRS, the trans flanges need to be changed out to Type 2, and the stub axles need to be changed to Thing stubs.  We have these items readily available.