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PREMIUM QUALITY Upper Ball Joint, '66 & Later Bug

PREMIUM QUALITY Upper Ball Joint, '66 & Later Bug


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Replacing the ball joints on your '66 and later vintage VW can make a huge difference in how your car drives.  Loose and worn ball joints will cause steering to wander, rut tracking, and excessive play in the wheel.  Our quality ball joints will be TRW or Nakata, depending upon availability.  We have found that these two manufactures offer better quality than even the German replacements available nowadays, which we've found to be way too stiff.  The boots will last much longer than the Chinese aftermarket ones, thus improving longevity.  These are truly the best ones available today.  Two uppers and two lowers required:  One for each side.  If installing drop spindles or disc brakes, a beam, or otherwise servicing the suspension, it is a great time to replace the ball joints while everything is apart already.