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Pertronix Ignitor III Electronic Ignition Conversion: 009, 050

Pertronix Ignitor III Electronic Ignition Conversion: 009, 050


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This is the very BEST OF THE BEST upgrade for your Bosch centrifugal advance 009 or 050 style distributor. Made in USA by Pertronix.  For your stock carbed VW, or your high performance beast, these will provide the smoothest in performance, reliability, and mileage.  


- Multiple sparks
- Digital programmable rev-limiter
- Adaptive dwell
- Circuit protection against accidentally hooking up incorrectly

Enjoy MADE IN USA Pertronix quality with this easy upgrade, and get rid of your points FOREVER. 

The ignitor III features a variable dwell which maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM range, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.  It develops an average of 5 times more available energy between 3000 and 5000 RPM. and double the available spark plug voltage.  Adjusts spark timing at higher RPM's to comensate for the inherent electronic delay.  Senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting.  The multiple sparks provide performance normally only provided by a much higher priced product. Built in digital rev-limiter can be programmed very simply inside the car, or with a 9 volt battery outside the car to proctect your engine against accidentally over-revving when you miss a shift, are in the water box at the track, or racing your buddy.  Probably the best and most practical feature:  If you accidentally hook it up backwards, it protects the components inside from failure.

We recommend matching with a Pertronix 0.32 ohm ULTRA LOW RESISTANCE coil for absolute best spark quality, but will work fine with your OEM coil. We recommend installing Pertronix spark plug wires as well, just to complete your ignition upgrade to a complete Pertronix system.

Our favorite choice for many street-driven engines.

Check out our YouTube video tutorial to see how super easy it is to set the digital rev limiter during installation:



This upgrade features ignition box performance without the box. The Ignitor III is our most advanced points replacement kit yet. It is lterally an ignition box inside your distributor. It features multiple sparks throughout the entire RPM range and a high resolution REV limiter accurate to +/- 50 RPM which is set by the user. The Ignitor III module generates 5 times more spark than points. This of course means more spark energy creating more horsepower and better mileage.

 NOTE:  Since this unit already has multiple spark capability, it is NOT compatible with other multi-spark units, such as MSD, etc.