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Pertronix DIGITAL HP Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) System

Pertronix DIGITAL HP Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) System


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The totally revolutionary Pertronix Digital HP is an incredible upgrade for any high performance engine.  It has many features built into a box that's smaller than the comparable MSD and Mallory Ignition systems, making it easier to fit into tight spaces.  Features include:

- over 187 mJ of spark energy.  More than 30% more than the competition!

- Multiple sparks delivered:  All the way up the power band!  Does not stop at 3000 RPM's like the competition.

- Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) steps up voltage to the ignition coil to 530+ volts.

- 3 Step Digital Rev Limiter:  Burnout, Launch Control, and Fatal Over-Rev.

- RPM activated trigger for accurately controlling shift lights, solenoids (nitrous), and any other RPM device

- Adjustable start retard feature: For easier starting on high compression motors, or locked out distributors

- Digital tachometer output lead:  Puts out a pure signal so as not to interfere with sensitive electronic components

- Locking Molex connector and wiring harness for super clean and easy installations, positive wiring connections, and keeps terminals clean.

- Much smaller physical dimensions than competitive boxes: 4" x 3-3/4" at mounting base.

- Simple rotary switch programming adjustments with a phillips screwdriver.  No computer needed!  Programming can even be done before unit is installed by using a 9V battery.

- On board diagnostics and tach calibration.

We highly recommend using this unit with a high capacity/low resistance coil such as the Pertronix Ignitor 3 HC, HV, or HP coils, but may also be used with the Flamethrower 3 canister style coil for street use.  Do not use solid core spark plug wires.  Use quality wires such as the Pertronix 8mm cut-to-length wires.  This box is compatible with most electronic ignition systems and distributors on the market.  It can even be used with a Bosch 009 and/or with points!  We recommend running the Pertronix Billet Ignitor 1 distributors in most cases, as we've found these to have excellent ignition curves and adjustability.  Do not use ignition rotors with a built-in resistor.  We recommend using the stock heat range spark plugs, and increasing the gap in .005" intervals until best performance is achieved.