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Oil Pump with Built-In Filter, 32mm, For Flat Cam Engines

Oil Pump with Built-In Filter, 32mm, For Flat Cam Engines


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This oil pump/filter combo makes adding an oil filter to an existing engine easy.  Simply pull old pump out and install the new one with the filter.  It does have some drawbacks that you need to know about before you install it.  The larger 32mm gears can cause excessive oil pressure.  While this can be OK for old worn out engines, for engines that already have healthy pressure it can be too much, causing it to bypass your oil cooler and overheat.  In adition, on cold starts, it can cause the oil filters to explode, especially if running thicker weight oil.  This filter/pump combo will not fit with several different exhaust systems, too.  It does not fit a stock muffler, or the following numbers: 3417, 3448, 3450, 3470, 3485, 3602, 3675, 3680, 3760, 3761, 3762, 3766, Sidewinders, or several others.  It does fit 3418, 3414, 3100, and some others.

Make sure to check your camshaft to determine the correct pump to match.  The "flat" camshafts, or the "early" style, have three rivets (or bolts) and virtually all aftermarket cams (Engle, Norris, CB, etc) are these.  The "dished", or "late" cams have a saucer shape to the cam gear, and are held on by four rivets.  The pump engages into the cam, and are not interchangeable.