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Norris Performance Camshaft Grind #407S, KS Replica, Type 1 Engines

Norris Performance Camshaft Grind #407S, KS Replica, Type 1 Engines


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We absolutely loved Norris cams!  We used them in virtually all our engine builds.  We were heartbroken when they went out of business, but we saved one of each of their cams in case we could reproduce them and continue using them in the future.  The time has come that we're able to offer a limited quantity of them.

Manufactured from the highest quality stroker-clearanced proferal billets, these will work with 40HP engines, single port 1600 or dual port 1600 based builds.  All cams require the early "flat" style cam gear.  Each camshaft comes with special cam lube for installation. Lobe centers are all ground at 107 degrees for maximum power in the low RPM range, all the way up to whichever power band you choose the cam to match.

#407S - THE "MID-PERFORMANCE STREET & OFF ROAD"  CAM - This cam is a favorite of many "Old School" builders.  It has been said running this cam is like adding a fifth gear, due to the wide powerband. This cam is designed to be used with 1.1:1 stock ratio rockers, but can also be used with 1.25:1 rockers for even more lift.  We recommend solid shaft improvements on the rockers, as well as HD single springs.  If revving past 5500 is desired, we recommend dual springs and/or shimming the HD single springs to match. Chromoly pushrods are a good idea, or heavy duty aluminum ones.  This is a high lift, fast ramp cam, which makes gets the valve up quick, and keeps it there longer.  This creates big power and a great useable power band.  Idle will be a little lumpier than stock, so we recommend setting idle at a minimum of 1000 RPM's.  Works best with big valved heads, and even better with ported ones. Displacements of 1776cc or larger are recommended, but not necessary.  We generally run a compression ratio of 9 to 1 or more with Kadrons.  Works fantastic with 1835cc or 1914cc with the right components, and even better with 1904cc or 2054cc.  This is still considered a "mid-performance" cam, having smooth driving characteristics.  Great to beat the rice-burners at the drag strip, run in your off road car, or beat your buddy to the next light.  Buckle up and prepare for sprited driving.

280 degrees -- 256 degrees -- .407 -- .447