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Kaddie Shack

Muffler W/Header, Split Bus, Standard Tailpipe, 38mm

Muffler W/Header, Split Bus, Standard Tailpipe, 38mm


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Vintage Speed is widely regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of custom exhaust systems for air-cooled VW's.  Their attention to detail is outstanding.  The fit is unbelievable.  The sound is amazing.  They are dyno tested and proven to produce excellent power.  And they are made from tig-welded stainless steel, which makes them last for years and years.  This is the ultimate choice for show winners, street drivers, and race winners.


1. TRUE equal length header, completed by CAD design and lots of dyno hours
2. Fully TIG welded, all flanges, no gas leaking.
3. #304 stainless steel muffler with #304 polished tail pips
4. #304 Stainless steel Header and Flanges
5. Fit stroker Engine with stock Rod, or 2mm(or less) under cylinder.
6. 8mm stainless steel Type 4 muffler Flanges can be match ported
7. Easy to adjust valves
8. Build in M18 nuts, for tuning when use O2 sensor
9. Pre 1960 BUS may need to modify rear apron or headers( 2 flanges include in this option).
10. Clear oil sump, like Gene Berg oil sump1.5q & 3.5q, Bugpack sump, CB, Empi.