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MST Renegade Serpentine Belt Pulley System, Red Anodized

MST Renegade Serpentine Belt Pulley System, Red Anodized


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MST serpentine belt systems are world famous for reliability, consistency, and overall quality - all while making your engine look amazing.  These systems can help deliver more cooling to your engine than the standard v-belt set up.  You'll love how much quieter your engine runs, too.  This model comes with the "standard" spiral grooves in the pulley, but can be special ordered in a "sand sealed" version, which comes with a smooth surface and a seal and installation kit.  Sand sealed versions can take 7-10 days to ship.  MADE IN USA. 

This kit includes:

- Crank Pulley (with CNC-Machined Timing Marks)
- Alternator/Generator Pulley
- Idler Bracket Assembly with Bearing
- Custom Stainless Steel Crank Bolt
- Custom Stainless Steel Alternator/Generator Nut
- 4-Rib Serpentine Belt
- Mounting Hardware
- Installation Instructions