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MST Matador V-Belt Pulley System, Polished

MST Matador V-Belt Pulley System, Polished


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MST V-Belt Pulley Systems are made with the same precision designs and tooling that made their serpentine systems famous.  They offer a more traditional style v-belt set-up for those who prefer that look and feel.  This model comes with the "standard" spiral grooves in the pulley, but can be special ordered in a "sand sealed" version, which comes with a smooth surface and a seal and installation kit.  Sand sealed versions can take 7-10 days to ship.  MADE IN USA. 

This kit includes:

- Crank Pulley (with CNC-Machined Timing Marks)
- Alternator/Generator Pulley
- Custom Stainless Steel Crank Bolt
- Custom Stainless Steel Alternator/Generator Nut
- Standard V-Belt
- Belt Tension Shim Kit

NOTE TO INSTALLER:  We have found that sometimes a longer belt than what comes in the kit works better to allow for less shims between the pulley halves, thus more engagement of the pulley nut threads.  If this is the case, a longer belt is also available, #17360DR.