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Master Cylinder, Type 1 '67 & Up, except Super B, German

Master Cylinder, Type 1 '67 & Up, except Super B, German


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Quality German replacement for that leaky master cylinder that's rusting out your pan, or a defective one that is not allowing a firm pedal and stopping power. Don't use fuel hose to connect to your reservoir, or you contaminate your brake system, resulting in costly repairs.  We have the correct braided brake hose.

This master cylinder is often used to upgrade early cars to the later "Dual Circuit" master.  On a dual circuit system, if either the front or the rear develop a leak and run out of fluid, it will still stop using the remaining working brake axle.  If you develop a leak in the early systems, you lose ALL brakes.  Dual circuit brakes are much safer, and required in all current model cars.

This one requires two brake light swtiches.

Your brakes could save your life!!!