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Lucas Engine Break-In Oil Additive with ZDDP

Lucas Engine Break-In Oil Additive with ZDDP


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If you are starting your freshly rebuilt engine up for the very first time, we HIGHLY recommend using this product.  It is SUPER important.  VW engines are of a decades-old design and require ZDDP (a zinc phosphate blend) to adequately lubricate internal components, especially the cam and lifters.  If sufficient zinc is not used, these components will develop pits, which will ultimately result in failure in very short order... sometimes a matter of minutes or hours.  This one bottle will treat 5 to 6 quarts.  On engines without an oil sump we use half a bottle to break in the cam (20-30 minutes at 2000 to 2500 RPM's).  Then drain and replace the oil, using the other half of the bottle at that time.  We have never had a single failure doing it this way.

This can also be used as an oil additive, if you choose to run a modern low-zinc motor oil.  Use half bottle per oil change for  that application.