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Heavy Duty Solid Rocker Shaft Conversion Kit

Heavy Duty Solid Rocker Shaft Conversion Kit


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Stock rocker shafts are fine for stock engines.  When you start adding dual carburetors, aftermarket camshafts, heavy duty valve springs, etc., the stock clips on the shafts will not hold up to the higher demand.  They'll break and cause your rocker arm to bind resulting in a failure, which can vary from a simple inconvenient tow home to a catastrophic failure. The VW rockers themselves are super strong, and can be used on this shaft.  This shaft eliminates the pesky springs and wavy washers, and replaces them with high quality solid shims.  The kit comes with an assortment of these shims to properly align the rockers to the valves.  We suggest ordering the optional additional shim assortment kit to go with it to ensure you have an improved selection of shims to complete the job correctly.