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Forged Chromoly 1.4:1 Ratio Rockers Complete Installation Kit

Forged Chromoly 1.4:1 Ratio Rockers Complete Installation Kit


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FINALLY... A kit that contains all the components you need to successfully install high ratio rockers on your engine!  Ratio rockers can be a fantastic upgrade for a stock motor, or use them in conjunction with the appropriate camshaft to create higher lift at the valve with minumal wear on your lifter bores.  

Our forged rockers come with the large diameter .765" solid rocker shafts for superior strength.  The rocker arms have bronze bushings for superior wear characteristics, and are drilled to allow oil into the shaft during operation  The cups and adjuster screws are drilled and machined to allow oil from the adjuster to the arms.  The "ramp style" adjusters move the valve adjustment to the bottom of the rocker, and have hardened ramps to contact the lash caps.  Forged chromoly rocker stand screws come with hardened nuts and serrated washers.  These are far superior to the old needle bearing style rockers, and will provide years of trouble free operation.  Great for street cars or for strip!

Kit includes 2 complete rocker shafts, rocker arms and adjustment shims, rocker blocks, end caps, and bolts.  It also includeds and additional eight .010" side play shims, eight .015" side play shims, and eight .030" side play shims for correctly setting up the side play.  It includes 8 hardened lash caps to protect your valves by distributing the load at the valve to not gall the valve end under high spring pressures.  Includes eight .015" rocker block shims, eight .030" rocker block shims, and eight .060" rocker block shims to set the proper geometry so the rocker swipes the valve at the proper angle.

We recommend using either chromoly cut-to-length heavy duty push rods, or our super-duty aluminum ones for most applications.  We have, with mild cam set-ups and low valve spring pressure cut down original OEM aluminum push rods and had great success.