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Engle W-100 Performance Camshaft

Engle W-100 Performance Camshaft


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For over 50 years, Engle has been providing quality camshafts for air-cooled VW applications, made right here in the USA.  Whether you're looking for an all-out race application, or just to improve the performance of your street cruiser, Engle has a match.

The W100 camshaft is commonly used in applications where an increase in low-end torque and street driveability is a must.  It will provide power up to about 5000 RPM's and will work reasonably well with a single carb or dual carbs.  It works well for buses and those who like to cruise.  Single Hi-Rev valve springs work well.  Can also be used with either 1.1:1 (stock) or 1.25:1 ratio rockers if additional valve lift is needed.  Dual springs or shimming of single springs is recommended if used with 1.25:1 ratio rockers.

Camshaft specs below: