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EMPI PREMIUM Single Quiet Pack Exhaust System

EMPI PREMIUM Single Quiet Pack Exhaust System


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The EMPI PREMIUM line is a re-design of the original product line, improving a time-tested product, making it even better.  The collector is now centered, the tubing is mandrel bent for maximium flow, the flanges are extra thick and surfaced for a perfect fit, and the muffler is a perfect, level fit. 

This system is a great upgrade from stock. The header system helps with scavenging and increase HORSEPOWER while the single muffler helps with keeping sound to a minimum. This system works best with small displacement (under 2 liter) motors with mild cams, and works great with a stock motor and dual carbs.

It comes with paper exhaust gaskets.  We recommend stock metal gaskets, or copper exhaust gaskets for longest life. 

Don't forget to order new exhaust clamps!

NOTE:  Will not fit 68+ Buses