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Bugpack Forged 4340 Chromoly H-Beam Rods, 5.5" Chevy Journal

Bugpack Forged 4340 Chromoly H-Beam Rods, 5.5" Chevy Journal


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Need the very best in connecting rods for your build?  These EMPI H-Beams are among the strongest on the market.  They feature ARP 2000 5/16" rod bolts, and come in either VW or Chevy (2.0") journal.  They also come in various different rod lengths to insure a proper match for your build.

Some builders prefer using a crankshaft with Chevy rod journals, rather than stock VW ones.  The Chevy journals are 2", so they are slightly smaller diameter than stock VW.  This provides for less reciprocating weight. It also offers better clearance when using a large stroke, so it's less likely to make contact with the case and/or camshaft.  Since the bearing surfaces are smaller, they also have less friction, or bearing drag, so they provide better power.

The rod caps are sleeved to ensure perfect alignment and superior strength.  The radiused rod caps help clear the engine case and camshaft, and the 4340 chromoly construction makes them super strong.  These are race quality, and unbeatable for the price.  Torque to 26 ft-lbs.