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DELUXE Rear Disc Brakes '73-'79, Porsche/Chev, Drilled & Slotted

DELUXE Rear Disc Brakes '73-'79, Porsche/Chev, Drilled & Slotted


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This DELUXE disc brake kit comes with the Heavy duty caliper brackets which will not flex, keeping a firm pedal.  It features drilled and slotted rotors, as well as premium quality brake pads for superior stopping power and excellent cooling charcteristics.  It also comes equipped with emergency brakes for superior safety. It is double drilled for Porsche 5x130mm or Chevy 5x4.75" lug patterns.

Converting to rear disc brakes can be an excellent upgrade for your Vintage VW or Off-Road Car. There are many things to think about when completing the conversion.  Here are some answers to some of the common questions:

- Our kits are compatible with Type 1 (Beetle, Super Beetle, Ghia, Thing) and Type 3 (Fastback, Squareback, Notchback) only.

- Kits are available with or without emergency (parking) brakes.  For most vehicles, we recommend keeping the emergency brake system intact for added safety.  It's nice to be able to pull the handle and come to a stop in the event of an emergency situation.  It's also beneficial to have the peace of mind knowing that if you park on a hill, you have a parking brake securing the car.  Sometimes, off-roaders use the parking brake only when decscending a steep hill so the front wheels will not lock up and lose steering.

- Kits are available with standard stamped steel caliper brackets, or with Heavy Duty cast ones.  The stamped steel brackets are less expensive, which can be a plus if one is on a budget.  However, be advised that these tend to flex as the brake pressure is applied, so a softer pedal can be the result.  The HD brackets will not flex, and generally provide a firmer pedal.  Our DELUXE disc brake kits are the ones with these HD brackets.  Our STANDARD kits come with the stamped steel brackets.

- Some kits (wide 5) are available in "zero offset" (standard width), or 1" wider.  Many applications such as off-road cars or rat rods will benefit from having a wider rear track.  Most street cars where the fender-to-wheelwell clearance is a concern will require the zero offset kits.

- When converting to 4-wheel disc brakes, it is recommended that a special master cylinder with a larger bore diameter is used.  Many folks upgrade to dual circuit master cylinders at the same time on pre-'67 cars for the added safety they add.  We include a master cylinder and an intregal dual circuit reservoir if that option is ordered for ease of installation.

- When converting to 4-wheel disc brakes, it is also recommended that a residual pressure valve be installed to keep proper brake pressure on the rear braking system.  We have a simple kit that installs inline at the master cylinder connection, and comes with a line and the correct fittings to bolt right in.

- The "double-drilled" kits are an excellent choice for converting to a Porsche style wheel with 5x130mm stud pattern, or a Chevy 5x4.75" bolt pattern.

As always, if you need any help whatsoever choosing the best system for your particular application, please give us a call or send us an email.  We want you to succeed with your installation.