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Super Stock Engine Build Kit, ALL NEW COMPONENTS, 1600cc

Super Stock Engine Build Kit, ALL NEW COMPONENTS, 1600cc


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Considering rebuilding your stock engine?  Add up all the costs of the machine work, valve job, and other components you'll need first.  Then think about the fact that you're starting with a case that's likely half a century old that has been heat cycled how many times?  Are your case, crank, heads, etc. even reusable?  Why not start will all brand new components.  This kit comes complete with EVERY part you need to build a new engine from scratch.  This kit even comes with several upgraded parts that are better than stock. Includes NEW VW case, chromoly crannkshaft, forged chromoly rods, mild 100 performance cam, chromoly pushrods, solid shaft rockers with swivel foot adjusters, 25mm HD Schadek oil pump, chromoly head studs, Silverline main and cam bearings, Mahle rod bearings, German engine gasket set, lifters, flyweel... EVERYTHING! 

Once assembled, it will give the average daily driver a significant boost in horsepower and torque, without sacrificing MPG or reliability.  Will work well with single or dual carbs.