BRAND NEW Kadron/EMPI/Solex 40/44 Carb Kit - Type 2/4

BRAND NEW Kadron/EMPI/Solex 40/44 Carb Kit - Type 2/4

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These dual carburetors have proven themselves to be the absolute best bang for your buck or almost 40 years now.  We challenge you to find a better horsepower-per-dollar-spent upgrade that can be bolted on to a Type 4 VW engine with the same results as these will give you.  We at the Kaddie Shack love these carbs, and we're the recognized industry experts at tuning them and making them run at their very best. We can match them to any engine configuration. 

Straight out of the box, they'll work fine with your 1.7 liter Type 4 engine , perhaps with some jetting adjustments for altitude, exhaust system, etc..  We can make them work even better with a few modifications, as found on our website. We have pioneered industry-leading improvements on these carburetors, and can make them run even better than new. This particular set we have listed is a BRAND NEW set of carburetors, in the box, as listed by EMPI on their website as part number 43-4500, jetted at 55/130 with 28mm venturis.  These carbs are imported directly from Brazil from Brosol, the manufacturer of Solex carbs. They have 40mm throttle bodies, and larger ones are available as a configurable option.

We offer fast shipping and top-notch technical support, too! Check our website at KaddieShack.com for the latest video tutorials and free downloadable tuning and installation manual.  On carb kits that we have not done our "Magic" to, we usually ship in 1-2 business days. For the kits with the "Magic", it takes a bit longer to prep them, usually 2-4 weeks, sometimes a bit longer during the busier spring and summer months.  Currently, lead times are approximately 45 days for the sets we are performing our magic on, with so many sets in process at any given time.   Note that carb sets that are not prepped by us do not carry any warrany, other than what the manufacturer may or may not offer.  For the sets we complete the "Kaddie Shack Magic" modifications and tuning package on, we offer a 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, and free tech service help.
Here are a few options that we offer to make these run even better than new: 

- "Kaddie Shack Magic" Special Modifications Package:  We've taken apart hundreds and hundreds of new carburetors to prep them to be run, maybe even thousands by now!  To date, we have not found a single carburetor that we could not improve upon right out of the box.  Many share the same problems:  Throttles will not open all the way, throttle plates bind on throttle body, causing excessive wear and tuning issues, discharge booster machining is not finished on one or both carbs in the set, screws are loose, jets are stripped or sized improperly, etc.  These are all common problems.  Other problems we see can be passages not drilled properly or all the way in carburetor main body, gaskets torn, wrinkled, or stamped improperly, carburetor fails "wet-test" so will not flow properly, damaged or missing parts installed, extra parts installed (figure that!), shavings/metal stamping improper, etc.  There are dozens more things we check for and repair when we do our "magic".  We basically rebuild the entire carb and prep it for operation before the customer even receives it.  In addition, we plumb them (properly!) for use with an SVDA (vacuum assisted mechanical advance) distributor, should one choose to upgrade their mechanical advance distributor to one with much smoother operation and one that proveds better mileage.  Finally, after all these modifications are performed, we show-polish the exteriors of the carbs, and replace all the screws with long-lasting stainless steel screws, before putting our famous "KS" stamp on it.  You'd be amazed at how much these carbs are improved after we're done with them.
- Custom Venturi Sizing:  Each and every engine has its own needs for venturi sizing.  If you run a 1700, you really should run a different venturi than an 1800, which will be different than one for a 2.0 liter, etc.  Venturi sizing may also need change with weight of vehicle, altitude, compression ratio, and intended use (such as specialty circle track racing, off-road hill climbing, etc.).  We can meet your needs with the correct venturi for your specific application.  Venturis are available in appropriate sizes that match your engine.  Usually, we recommend 28mm for 1700's, 30mm for 1800s, and 30mm with 44mm throttle bodies for 2.0 liters (although 32mm venturis with 40mm throttle bodies work great too).    For specialty or racing applications, please contact us to discuss before your order.  
- Custom Jetting: Along with Venturi Sizing, proper jetting is essential to how your car performs, responds, and how good your mileage is.  Type 4 addies are set up pretty close to stock compression 1700 with standard exhaust with a stock camshaft at sea level. If you run at other conditions, or run with other options, you're likely to need help jetting to your specific needs.  
- EZ Dual Return Springs: We can add return springs to each carburetor, which make for a much easier and cleaner installation, eliminating the large spring that can be cumbersome to try and mount in the engine bay somewhere. 
- Re-bushed Throttle Bodies:  Our throttle bodies are the best in the business.  Brand new Kadrons (really EMPI-imported Solex-Brosol now), are usually somewhat loose and different from one set to another, even among a "matched" set of carbs.  They've impoved upon the design of their current bushings, usuing bushing very similar to ours now, but they certainly do not install them with as much care and effort to achieve perfection that we do.   We can drill out your original castings and replace your bushings with German/Italian PTFE Teflon-coated steel-backed bronze bushings.  These will provide a much better seal in the throttle body against vacuum leaks, which Kadrons and other Solex carburetors are notorious for.  These vacuum leaks can cause all sorts of havoc, especially when running on the idle circuit.  This is optional for those who wand the very best.- 
- Air Flow Improvement: We have designed and install our "Hi-Flo Kit", which moves the air cleaner bracket up and out of the carburetor throat for improved air flow and more power at high RPM's.  We do not drill any goofy holes in your air cleaner lids, so your air cleaners can still be rotated to clear your fan shroud, body sheetmetal, or roll cage.  Our Hi-Flo Kits even come with EPDM rubber seals for improved sealing of your air cleaners, and are available in two different styles:  Our standard kit, or the Off-Road kit  which has a steel tube welded to the mount that extends into the float bowl and helps prevent fuel slosh during fast acceleration, hard cornering, off-road bumpy conditions, hill climbing, etc. 
- Off-Road Prefilters:  If you intend to use your carburetors in dusty conditions, we'd recommend adding pre-filters to keep the stock air cleaners clean.  
- Oil Breather Fitting Installation: Some prefer to run their oil breather from their generator stand into their air cleaner to burn their crankcase fumes.  We can add a fitting in the bottom of the air cleaner base on the passenger's side to allow this to happen.  Some customers like to have two fittings added.  
- EZ-Adjust Mixture Screws:  Normally, the idle mixture is set by using a screwdriver to adjust the carb while it's running.  This is not too difficult on a bus, but our EZ-Adjust Mixture Screws make the job that much simpler.  No tools are needed to make your mixture adjustments.  You just turn the knob between your thumb and index finger.
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