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Bolt-On Ball Joint Disc Brake Kit, VW 4x130mm, Drilled & Slotted

Bolt-On Ball Joint Disc Brake Kit, VW 4x130mm, Drilled & Slotted


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LABOR: Press Wheel Bearings?

This PREMIUM disc brake conversion kit fits 1966 & Later Type 1 with drum brakes.  It features drilled and slotted rotors, as well as premium quality brake pads for superior stopping power.  The heavy duty cast brackets will not flex and bolt directly to stock spindles.  These will not work with dropped spindles.  You'll need a different kit that includes the spindles, too.  This kit comes with all hardware to install.

Swap your existing wheel bearings from the drums you have and install in the rotors, or we can supply new bearings.  We can even pre-install the races for you if you prefer!

If ordering bearings, we need to know if you have the "early" ones or the "late" ones, as the spindle diameter is larger for the late bearings.  Don't assume these cars have the correct front end components on them.  They're over 40 years old and many have been replaced!  We've seen early front ends on late cars, and late ones on early cars.  Here's an easy way to tell:

The "early" ('66 to early '68) spindle diameter is: 27mm (1.06") at the inner wheel bearing mounting area

The "late" (later 68 +up) spindle diameter is: 29mm (1.14") at the inner wheel bearing mounting area

NOTE: We recommend using a press to install the wheel bearing races into the rotors.  This brake kit will only work with stock style drum spindles.  If you have dropped spindles, you'll need to replace the dropped spindles with ones compatible with disc brakes.  If you want drop spindles with disc brakes, you'll want to purchase a drop spindle/disc brake kit Give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions regarding this conversion.

We have a link to an installation tips video at or you can watch here: