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Axle Nut, '67 and Later Type 1 & 3, Forged

Axle Nut, '67 and Later Type 1 & 3, Forged


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Replacement rear axle nut fits later swing axle cars and all IRS Type 1 and 3.  These MUST be torqued to 253 foot-lbs per the VW book.  A common mistake people make is to not torque these properly.  Improper torquing results in premature failure of the splines on the rear brake drum.  Another common mistake is to beat on them with a "cheater tool" and a hammer, or to use an impact gun to tighten them.  This can result in cracked or stripped axles.  We recommend using the torque multiplier tool to apply proper torque.  Be sure to also order a new cotter pin.