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Aluminum Kadron Compatible Intake Manifolds EMPI "Generation 3"

Aluminum Kadron Compatible Intake Manifolds EMPI "Generation 3"


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EMPI "Gen 3" intake manifolds for Kadron carburetors are the best that have ever been made, in our opinion.  The thick casting, proper port design, and heavy casting make them ideal for high performance applications, as well as stock ones.  This kit comes with new manifolds, gaskets, fittings, and balance tubing.  It is recommended that you use aluminum manifolds if you drive where the weather is cold, or for applications larger than 1600 where match-porting to the cylinder heads is crucial for proper head flow.  We can match-port your manifolds, too! Use with 40mm and 44mm Kaddies. Comes complete with all necessary hardware and gaskets