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43mm Header Bug Merge Comp 740 Exhaust System 57/35mm

43mm Header Bug Merge Comp 740 Exhaust System 57/35mm


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Vintage Speed is widely regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of custom exhaust systems for air-cooled VW's.  Their attention to detail is outstanding.  The fit is unbelievable.  The sound is amazing.  They are dyno tested and proven to produce excellent power.  And they are made from tig-welded stainless steel, which makes them last for years and years.  This is the ultimate choice for show winners, street drivers, and race winners.


1: Long Runner 740mm for Max Torque and HP.
2: Muffler Diameter Options of 150mm for Max Power Plus Quiet.
3: Flanged design for wider stroked engines. (Just add additional gasket spacers.)
4: Two threaded O2 sensor slots to fulfill all your needs.
5: X-pipe SUPER FLOW chamber.
6: Tail pipes Wrapped with Stainless steel mat, for long life.
7: Clear GENE BERG traction bars.
8: Clear Original Thermostat And Tins.
9: Extra support brackets bolt from flange to flange.
10. Tail Pipes are 57mm O.D. with 35mm I.D.

Gaskets and Bolts are included.